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Best Universities In Taiwan For International Students

Best Universities In Taiwan For International Students

Study in Taiwan at any of the best universities in Taiwan for international students that would be listed in this post. Have you ever wondered why international students love Taiwan? When it comes to attracting international students, Taiwan has many benefits over other Asian countries.

There are many reasons why international students choose Taiwan including low tuition, a friendly and secure environment, and English-taught programs. In comparison to Singapore, Korea, and Japan, living costs are much more affordable here.

Taiwan’s thriving cities can make it appear like a utopia for students, as can its stunning tropical woods, green and marble mountains, secret gorges, and gigantic sea cliffs.

Taiwan is a contemporary, global country, yet there are still a lot of cultural sites you may visit. Taiwan is an incredibly beautiful country, both in terms of its man-made structures and architecture as well as its natural riches and tourist attractions.

Taiwan is famous for being a country where you can afford to live in the contemporary world and receive a high level of education. There are two semesters in a school year: spring (in February) and fall (in September). The tuition fees at a university might vary from program to program. from US$800 to $15k each year.

Numerous universities in the area are highly ranked in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022 and have achieved success in a variety of academic disciplines, including engineering, management, and medicine.

Culturally, Taipei’s capital city has a lot to offer as well. In addition to hosting cultural festivals and art-house events, its temples are used for devotion. Steamed dumplings, shrimp rolls, and a shaved ice dessert, all served with fresh juices and regional teas and beers, are among the culinary highlights of Taiwan. At the typical night markets, international students can enjoy the local cuisine in its entirety.

10 of the Best Universities In Taiwan For International Students

All the universities under this list have a strong historical background and are committed to providing quality education for all students. Most Taiwanese Universities have succeeded over the years in degrees related to math, science, and technology, all of which are sought-after fields in the contemporary world. The rigorous curriculum in Taiwan is renowned worldwide, and graduates from Taiwanese colleges go on to lead their industries.

1. National Taiwan University

The first university on our list of the best universities in Taiwan for international students is the Popular National University in Taiwan. Taiwan’s National Taiwan University is a public research university. The institution was established in 1928 as the sixth of the Imperial Universities under Japanese sovereignty.

During the time of Japanese colonization, a school by the name of Taihoku Imperial University was in operation. TIU initially consisted of two colleges, the Faculty of Science and Agriculture and the Faculty of Literature and Politics, with a combined enrollment of 59 students.

In 1935 and 1943, respectively, the faculties of medicine and engineering were added. Additionally, split into two colleges in 1943, the faculties of science and agriculture became the faculties of science and agriculture.

NTU has approximately 30,000 students, with undergraduate and graduate students nearly equal in size. With NTU’s strong academia-industry link, they receive great curricula, career counseling, a dynamic entrepreneurship environment, and numerous professional prospects.

2. National Tsing Hua University

National Tsing Hua Institution is a public research university in Hsinchu, Taiwan. For the first time, National Tsing Hua University was created in Beijing. Mei Yiqi, the university’s then-president, and numerous notable researchers fled to Taiwan with the retreating Nationalist administration following the Chinese Civil War.

Tsing Hua Academy was established in 1911 in Beijing as National Tsing Hua University. National Tsing Hua University relocated to its current home in Hsinchu, Taiwan, in 1956. Since its move, NTHU has grown into a comprehensive research university, offering a diverse range of degree programs in science, technology, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and management.

In addition to enjoying national recognition, Taiwan’s premier university is ranked among the top 400 institutions worldwide. NTHU was ranked 168th overall in the 2021 QS World Rankings. Students from many other nations learned about the university thanks to these rankings and several international partnerships.

3. National Cheng Kung University

In Tainan, Taiwan, there is a public research university called National Cheng Kung University. Engineering, computer science, medicine, and planning and design are the fields for which the university is well renowned.

This University on our list of the best universities in Taiwan for international students offers various programs across different fields and levels of study. International students have the option of enrolling in one of 56 English programs or even a combined degree program with a foreign institution, such KU Leuven or Purdue University.

There are 17-degree programs, 44 departments, 9 colleges, and 44 autonomous departments in the university. They provide 60 Doctorate programs, 46 Bachelor’s programs, 112 Master’s programs, and 26 in-service Master’s programs.

4. Tunghai University

Tunghai University was founded in 1955. The United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia formed it. TU is regarded as the oldest private university in Tunghai Taiwan. Tunghai University is situated on the Tatu Mountain’s level plateau in Taichung.

The liberal Tunghai University is renowned for its stunning campus, scholarly elites in abundance, and wealth of resources. Tunghai offers 14 PhD programs, 35 Master’s programs (including 1 independent master’s program and 13 in-service master’s programs), 34 departments, and 9 colleges.

Tunghai now contains 9 colleges, with 17,000 students, and close to 500 faculty (88% of them are assistant professors or higher). Tunghai’s campus covers a total area of 1,333,096 square meters. Tunghai’s vast campus provides the optimum teaching and learning environment for all Tunghai faculty and students.

5. National Dong Hwa University

There is a national research institution called National Dong Hwa University in Hualien, Taiwan. Liberty Times, THE, QS, and US News all rank NDHU, which was founded in 1994, as the most respected university in Eastern Taiwan and a high-potential research institution.

The school currently has three campuses: Shoufeng Campus, Meilun Campus, and Pingtung Campus, each of which has distinct development objectives and responsibilities. Ever since NDHU was founded, it has openly supported and promoted community education in the eastern part of the nation.

They offer additional advanced training courses and enhance local human resources, in addition to focusing on the school’s construction, academic research, and teaching; at the same time, it has launched major manpower in the school, such as books, etc.

Local residents and schools make use of halls, sports fields, lecture halls, and other facilities to share resources. Teachers and students at the school are also actively involved in local education, culture, community work, and other endeavours taking part in assisting, and directing various activities on-site.

6. National Sun Yat-sen University

Located in Sizihwan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, National Sun Yat-sen University is a public institution with a strong research focus and a reputation as a community of official think tank experts. More than 250 universities from more than 40 different nations have sister university partnerships with NSYSU.

NSYSU also participates in student exchange, dual degree programs, collaborative supervision, research collaborations, and joint symposiums as a part of these alliances. Over 1,200 foreign students attend NSYSU for degree programs, exchange programs, research fellowships, or language acquisition as part of our commitment to building an internationalized campus.

Both domestic and international students have plenty of opportunities to engage and bridge their awareness of various cultures thanks to the wide variety of events.

7. National Central University

NCU is the next university on our list of the best universities in Taiwan for International Students. This is not surprising as the National central university has a rich history with a lot to offer indigenous and international students.

National Central University has its headquarters in Taiwan Public research institution National Central University is headquartered in Taiwan and has a rich history. It was established in 1915. When it originally came to Taiwan, the school was first situated in Miaoli.

However, in 1962, it moved to Zhongli and eventually became a comprehensive university. More than 10,000 students attend the institution, which also has 8 colleges, 26 departments, 19 graduate institutes, 6 university-level research centres, 1 united research centre, the Office of Teaching Centers (OTC), and the connected Zhongli Senior High School.

NCU has a wealth of scientific and humanistic resources, making it a genuinely comprehensive institution. NCU prioritizes comprehensive education and continually makes academic advancements, giving students a platform for self-learning and the manifestation of their creativity. To give students the freedom to engage in independent learning, equip them with professional skills, and support the development of diverse interests while they are enrolled at NCU, they also engage in industry-university collaboration and engagement.

8. China Medical University, Taiwan

China Medical Univesity is another best schools in Taiwan for international students. CMU was first established as China Medical College on June 6, 1958, and was renamed to China Medical University in 2003.

It is the first academic centre in Taiwan to provide Chinese-speaking students with programs in medicine and pharmacy. With campuses in Taichung and Beigang, the university has two main locations.

There are seven colleges at CMU that provide degree programs in management, life sciences, public health, pharmacy (including Chinese herbs), and western and Chinese medicine.

9. Tamkang University

Tamkang is a school that values creativity, vision, and principles. It believes that its core management philosophy is characterized by and sustained by the pursuit of excellence and constant innovation. Since its founding more than 70 years ago, TKU has concentrated on creating academic research, teaching, and learning services with an innovative mindset.

When it launched Total Quality Management (TQM) in 1992, it was the first university in Taiwan to do so. The Tamkang Quality Award was established in 2006 to honour excellent departments that were dedicated to TQM. It has produced amazing outcomes and received a favourable public response.

The contribution of TQM to TKU’s achievement of the renowned National Quality Award in 2009 was substantial.

10. Asia University, Taiwan

Finally, the last university on this list is Asia University, Taiwan. It is a private institution in Taichung and was once known as Taichung Health and Management College. It was established in 2001 and provides instruction for degrees in management, humanities, social sciences, computer science, and electrical engineering.

Asia University (AU), a daring, innovative, and rapidly expanding university, was established with creating the objective of creating a distinctive and extensive university with global competitiveness.

An ideal university, according to German philosopher Karl Jaspers, should focus on three areas: academic teaching, scientific research, and creative cultural activity. These areas are precisely what we have been pursuing since the school’s founding.

11. Taipei Medical University (TMU)

A small group of educators and medical experts, including two doctors, created the Taipei Medical University in 1960. The school that started out with just three buildings quickly expanded to include ten colleges, six hospitals, and over 5000 students each year.

TMU rose to become Taiwan’s top institution for medical care and research, particularly in the fields of cancer translational medicine, neuromedicine, cell therapy, and artificial intelligence in medicine.
Three of TMU’s affiliated hospitals were given international status, and TMU received the National Quality Award.

In addition, the World Health Organization designated it as an international safe school, placing it among the top 100 medical institutions in Asia since 2011. These successes demonstrate that TMU is a genuinely top-notch institution for educating international students.

On A Final Note

Before proceeding to pick a school from the list above, make sure you check our guide to study in Taiwan for international students to get more information on the steps to take. You have nothing to worry about, over 100,000 international students are studying for undergraduate and graduate degrees and they have settled in Taiwan over the years.

You have the chance to join the community of students from your country at any of the best universities in Taiwan for International students. As mentioned earlier, students’ decisions to study in the Asian nation have been influenced by its superior education, effective healthcare system, secure environment, and robust economy.

Also, aside from the fantastic academic prospects, life in Taiwan as a student is incredibly fulfilling. Cities are welcoming to visitors, with English translations on all signs. In Taiwan, public transportation is convenient and moderately priced.

Lastly, you can stay in Taiwan after your studies because Taiwan is a country brimming with job prospects, many overseas students intend to stay in the country after graduation.

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