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Best Universities in United Arab Emirates For International Students 2022/2023

Best Universities in United Arab Emirates For International Students 2022/2023

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a rapidly expanding hub for education and research and this is why best universities in United Arab Emirates will be discussed in this post. The development of some of the best educational and research institutions in the world has drawn substantial funding from its government. This is demonstrated by advancements in sectors like nanotechnology and biotechnology. Additionally, it raises interest in studying in the UAE among international students. Local institutions provide infrastructure and top notch technologies, allowing students to flourish in subjects including business, science, technology, politics, and economics.

Best Universities in United Arab Emirates For International Students 2022/2023
Best Universities in United Arab Emirates For International Students 2022/2023

There are numerous programs taught in English, and even outside of the classroom. English is also widely spoken English even after classroom as Dubai draws people from all over the world travel there because of its rising popularity in finance and tourism sectors. While you’re studying in the United Arab Emirates, try out some of the fun local activities like skydiving, dune-bashing, camel riding, desert safaris, etc. to relax and unwind. We will give you a list of top institutions in UAE in this post and we already have a guide to help you with studying in UAE, reasons why you should study in UAE and its educational system.

Best Universities in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is home to some of the best universities in the Gulf. Free tuition and affordable housing and living expenses are just a couple of the benefits open to international students studying in Dubai. The excellent standard of living and wide variety of experiences in Dubai are worth looking out for. You will be exposed to a range of cultures that you might not be familiar with while studying in this city.

University of Sharjah

The University of Sharjah is one of the largest universities in Sharjah. One of the most prestigious academic institutes in the emirate, it was founded in 1997. You will be accepted whether you are a domestic or international student because they value diversity. This outstanding school has alliances and collaborations with 31 educational institutions throughout the world to give you the best learning experience possible.

For individuals who want to study medicine or dentistry, the University of Sharjah offers both choices. This is one of the factors that makes it unique because these faculties are uncommon at other colleges. The university works hard to be a top academic institution in the Middle East and around the world and is a major contributor to the socioeconomic growth of the Sharjah emirate.

Over 17,000 students and 668 faculty members with extensive foreign experience make up the university’s international community. Its University City location conjures ancient Islamic and Arabic architecture in addition to modern labs, libraries, IT systems, sports arenas, and other amenities.

United Arab Emirates University

Public research university United Arab Emirates University is situated in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.  It is the country’s oldest university. The UAE’s founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founded it in 1976 after the country gained independence from Britain. The UAEU is one of the best universities in United Arab Emirates, in fact, it consistently ranks as the country’s second-best university. Students from over 64 countries come to study in this school. United Arab Emirates university acceptance rate is 65 percent. As at 2014, 25% of the total number of enrolled students were foreign students.

American University in Dubai (AUD)

The private university, American Institution in Dubai (AUD), established in 1995, is positioned 26th in the Arab world and among the top 601-650 internationally. There are approximately 2,585 enrolled students, and 108 different countries are represented among these students. To assist students in honing their language skills before to starting their studies, the institution provides challenging English language programs at its Center for English Proficiency (CfEP). Both the United States and the United Arab Emirates have approved all of the institution’s programs.

Khalifa University

As a part of a government initiative, Khalifa University was established in 2007 in Abu Dhabi as a non-profit institution with concentration on science. It is now rated ninth in the Arab region and tied for 211st overall as of 2021 but ranks first in best universities in United Arab Emirates. There are currently around 1,500 students enrolled, but plans for a new campus indicate the number might eventually reach 6,000.

The school is creating a global network of collaborators, faculty members, and research programs based on the higher education framework utilised in the United States in order to improve research and innovation in the United Arab Emirates and the region. Also, it is one of the best universities in UAE for computer science.

Zayed University

Zayed University was established in 1998. It is one of the three best universities in United Arab Emirates that the government has funded. It bears Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s name, who served as the nation’s first president. It was the first government university in the UAE to get Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation. Zayed University provides 10 minors, 10 master’s degrees, and 17 majors for undergraduates.

American University

The American University in Dubai is a private, intellectually diverse, and culturally inclusive institution of higher learning that provides the globally acclaimed American education. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) in the US has accredited AUD, and the UAE Ministry of Education has given it legal authorisation.

The School of Business Administration at AUD is AACSB recognised and provides the Master of Business Administration MBA and a top-tier graduate certification, for graduates who desire to pursue leadership and management roles in the business administration sectors. The Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) at AUD, which was created in collaboration with Cornell University’s top-ranked SC Johnson College of Business, will support your success as a transformational leader.

The National Architectural Accrediting Board, CIDA, and NASAD have all granted accreditation to the School of Architecture, Art, and Design, making it the first and only institution outside of the United States to do so (National Association of Schools of Art and Design). The engineering programs at AUD have received accreditation from the ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission. The Bachelor of Communication and Information Studies (B.C.I.S.) program has received accreditation from the ACEJMC. Also, American University in Dubai ranking is first in Dubai and fifth in the United Arab Emirates.

Canadian University of Dubai

Canadian University of Dubai was established in 2006. It is a private university with close relations to Centennial College in Ontario and provides undergraduate and graduate programs based on the Canadian university curriculum making it one of the best universities in United Arab Emirates. The institution is divided into four departments: management, engineering, applied science and technology, and architecture and interior design. Students have the option to transfer in their second year of study to one of the university’s partners in Canada or abroad for each academic program.

Over 120 different countries are represented among the students at the Canadian University of Dubai. There are two places where students can stay: The Discovery Gardens and the Muhaisnah. Both lodging choices offer regular bus service all day and are around 25 minutes away from the campus.

Students will have access to instructional materials, computer laboratories, scientific labs, sports facilities, and other extracurricular activities including the theatre club, field trips, and help with their future careers.

Dubai University of Birmingham

For more than a century, the University of Birmingham has been pushing and cultivating brilliant minds. This school with an international focus that is recognised for changing lives and improving society.

The 24 top institutions in the United Kingdom, including Oxford and Cambridge, are represented by the prestigious, highly-researched Russell Group, of which Birmingham is a founding member. Research at the University has a history of innovation that has led to new discoveries, expanded the frontiers of knowledge, and impacted people’s lives.

The University of Birmingham Dubai provides the same academic program and upholds the same academic standards and principles as its UK campus. It also provides the same degree certificate and transcript to graduates from its Dubai campus as it does to those from its UK site.

In the QS World University Rankings 2022, the University of Birmingham is placed 90th, keeping its position among the top 100 universities worldwide and ranking 14th among UK universities.

Abu Dhabi University

Abu Dhabi University, a private school of higher learning founded in 2003, provides educational programs through its four campuses located in the regions of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, and Al Dhafra. The university, which is the biggest private university in the country is one of best universities in united Arab Emirates and it provides undergraduate and graduate programs that are based on the American higher education model. After three years of development, the university opened its doors to 1,000 students on campuses in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi.

The institution’s Al Ain Campus, which opened its doors in 2003, is one of the institution’s oldest and most important campuses. More than 1400 students who hail from 40 different countries call it home. The Abu Dhabi Campus also has professor and staff offices, contemporary classrooms, meeting and conference rooms, and multipurpose areas with modern facilities. The Dubai Campus was established in 2017 in order to grow and offer educational opportunities.

More than 7,500 students from 70 different nations have access to academic facilities at the university through its campuses and corporate initiatives. It provides undergraduate and graduate degrees in different fields, including law, the arts, business and management, education, engineering, and sciences. It is divided into the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Business, Law, and the University College. The university has various partnerships with internationally renowned institutions and provides more than 50 undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The institution provides financial help and scholarships to support research. Over 8,643 students now have it simpler to pursue higher education thanks to scholarships and financial help. Additionally, the university is pleased to have graduated more than 16,000 students since its inception. There is an alumni association there that strives to improve the relationship between companies, universities, and graduates.

Al Ghurair University

The Al Ghurair Group founded the private university Al Ghurair Institution (AGU) in 1999 and it also made it to our list of best universities in United Arab Emirates. In addition to some program-specific international accreditations, like the ABET for the engineering programs, the university also offers many undergraduate and postgraduate programs in engineering, business, finance, human resources, information technology, mass communication, and design studies. All of these programs are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education.

Best Universities in United Arab Emirates For International Students 2022/2023
Best Universities in United Arab Emirates For International Students 2022/2023

IMT Dubai

The Institute of Management Technology in Dubai was founded in 2006 and serves as a research centre. The Commission for Academic Accreditation has accredited the institution and it is one of the first international business schools to have a campus in Dubai. Being the third institution in the IMT Group of Institutions, it has worked with numerous institutions and organisations, including the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Global Business School Network, Business Education Alliance, and Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. The institute has expanded quickly throughout the years.

The institute offers executive, postgraduate, and undergraduate studies in education. The institute now has 500 total students. The institute takes part in exchange programs for students, which gives students several possibilities to learn about diverse curricula and acquire a wealth of information. Students are taken to industrial sites for hands-on workshops while being guided by professionals. Additionally, the institution provides short-term courses and exchange programs for dual degrees. The institute’s academic program offers a wide variety of classes and the more reason why it is one of the best universities in United Arab Emirates for international students.

The institute’s primary areas of study are business and management. Additionally, scholarships are given to students based on their financial need. These scholarships are offered as fee waivers to students with excellent academic records. The scholarship committee chooses which students will receive scholarships based on their performance.


Studying in Dubai is fantastic. It provides learning opportunities that are quite difficult to come by elsewhere. I advise studying here if you want to learn more about this lovely city or if you want to start looking for a new location to call home. It is simple to understand why Dubai has been named the finest city in the world for expats. The cost of living is low, there are many employment options, and Dubai would gladly provide you with a new house or apartment if you’re looking for one.

A new visa program has been launched by the UAE government for gifted students and their families. Students who qualify and their families may apply for the visa for outstanding students which will award them a 10-year residency permit. This will enhance the educational experience for students in the UAE and open doors to a bright future full of prospects where there are many graduate jobs available and a thriving business scene after graduation.

Aside the universities listed in this post, there are other universities in the United Arab Emirates that you can consider are; Sultan Qaboos University, Skyline University, Ajman University, Al-Falah university and a host of others.

In addition, the UAE has a vibrant expat community, tax-free salaries, and a wide range of exciting career prospects for graduates in a variety of industries, primarily in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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