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Post Study Opportunities In China For International Students

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Post Study Opportunities In China For International Students

The largest nation in Asia and one of the largest economies in the world is China, which is situated in East Asia. More than 5,000 years of history have been recorded in this nation. China is becoming a significant competitor in the economy, higher education, and IT industries. Although, China is well known for being the country that sends the most students abroad to study, it is also well known that the country has been courting foreign students to study there and stay on to work once they have finished their studies.

Naturally, the employment possibilities they will have after graduation are a concern for all students in the broad sense. They understand the necessity to acquire a variety of skills and experience to increase their chances of being hired; the competitive nature of the labor market; and the competition for desirable forms of work. International graduates from Chinese institutions have excellent prospects of getting hired for positions in numerous China-based and foreign businesses operating in China and abroad. Similar to this, foreign and even domestic businesses frequently target international students attending Chinese institutions.

Post Study Opportunities In China For International Students
Post Study Opportunities In China For International Students

After graduating from college in China, there are many benefits to working overseas. Both full-time jobs and part-time jobs are readily available in one’s native country or elsewhere. The advantages might be both personal and professional: you can broaden your horizons in terms of culture while improving your employability and skill set. If you recently completed a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree program in China, you have the choice of looking for employment there, at home, or in any other nation. Chinese businesses abroad seek to hire people who have finished their schooling in China. The key factor was that a graduate from China was familiar with Chinese tradition, language, and ways of doing business with Chinese employers abroad.

Opportunities in China For International Students

Studying abroad in China enhances the career prospects of the majority of international students in a wide range of ways, but to put it simply, it opens up a world of new opportunities by forcing you to step outside your comfort zone. The farther you travel from the educational system you are accustomed to, the more novel and exciting opportunities will present themselves to you.

Employers worldwide hunt for graduates from Chinese universities because they know these individuals have something to contribute because their education in China encouraged them to take risks, developed their self-confidence, and provided them with a high-quality education. This is the reason you should seriously consider studying in China. It will not only be interesting, novel, and new, but it will also be a fantastic opportunity for you to add something to your resume that few others can equal. And from our experience, that is priceless.

The following advice is provided for foreign students studying in China and may assist them find employment anywhere:

An international student who graduates in China, which is currently experiencing rapid economic growth, has the chance to diversify and widen their circle of acquaintances, which may be very beneficial for their career. The ability to meet a large number of peers, many of whom go on to become young professionals working in a broad range of various professions in different countries, is one of the benefits of graduating from Chinese universities for international students. As an international student, you meet a ton of other foreign students from a diverse range of backgrounds. A large chunk of them return to their home countries when they graduate. As a result, you’ll be able to create a network of young professionals around the world as a result.

China has the greatest population in the world, and there are probably many graduates every year. Don’t let this ruin your plans, though; there are plenty of trade and investment opportunities in the Chinese markets. The business climate in China is also unique compared to that of any other nation on earth. The face is important since it serves as your primary means of projecting authority and deference. You must become familiar with the Chinese label if you want to increase your chances and prevent any unintentional misunderstandings.

Processed food and drinks, transportation, telecommunications, information technology, education, energy and environmental protection, and building products and services are some of the major sectors that are increasing quickly. Among the other quickly expanding industries in China are those related to consumer products, textiles, mining, medicine, etc. In the fields of engineering, medicine, informatics, environmental technology, manufacturing, and tourism, there is a substantial labor shortage in the nation. You might be qualified for a work permit if you have a valid bachelor’s degree and two years of experience abroad. If you want to be exempt from the necessary experience, you must hold a Master’s degree or higher from a Chinese university.

Here are some tips to increase your chances of finding employment in china and make plans after study in china

Learn More About Chinese Business Culture Before Each Interview.
The business climate in China is unique compared to that of any other nation on earth. The face is important since it serves as your primary means of projecting authority and deference. You must become familiar with the Chinese label if you want to increase your chances and prevent any unintentional misunderstandings.
Start your job search by getting in touch with global corporations that have locations in China.

Practice Your Mandarin.
People often ask that can international students work in china? Yes and you can increase your chance by learning Mandarin. There are lots of job opportunities for international students in china. Take a course if you are doubtful. By demonstrating your passion for culture and way of life, mastering the language might help you win over your coworkers’ trust.
Be punctual. First impressions are significant because, as we all know, the face is vital. Make sure you arrive at the interview promptly.
Pay attention to the opinions of your Chinese friends. They will be able to talk to you about their personal experiences, giving you a special perspective on how to achieve success when working in China.

Where To Work In China?

The process of applying for a job is the same everywhere, including China. You locate a trustworthy business that will sponsor your work visa, submit your resume, the business gets in touch with you, and the hiring process (such as an interview and tests) moves on. But how can you search for jobs in China?
International institutions in China provide career fairs or partnerships with numerous multinational corporations for students who are graduating. You can hunt for a job on reputable employment boards in China as well. These are some websites you should check out.

  • Classifieds.
  • jobboard-dajie-China
  • Yjbys
  • JobleadChina
  • CareerBuilder

Tips To Improve Your Prospects of Employment

Learn the Chinese language and writing, then get to work learning the language!

Master’s and PhD studies In China, professionals with advanced degrees are more likely to be hired. Additionally, it will allow you to apply for work visas within a year of graduating. Check out our PhD and master’s programs here.

Study the business culture of China

Chinese people handle business in a unique way. You must educate yourself on appropriate speech, behaviour, and respect.
Attend networking gatherings. It’s all about Guanxi in China (personal connections and relationships). By participating in networking events, you can meet many business individuals who can introduce you to a company in need of your expertise.

How To Obtain A Z visa (work visa) In China?

  • One physical passport and a copy of the name page
    Passports should still be valid. For single entry visas, the minimum validity requirement is six months, whereas for multiple entry visas, the minimum validity requirement is twelve months.
    The passport will be used to issue the visa. At least two blank visa pages in the passport must be present. The final three pages of US passports are designated as amendment pages by the US Department of State for passport modifications. For visas, they won’t be accepted. You must first renew your passport if it has no more empty visa pages.
    When applying for a new visa, you must present both your current passport and any additional passports in which you hold a current visa for China. Additionally, a photocopy of the passport and visa is necessary.
  • Non-US passport holders must present a notarized photocopy of documentation proving their right to remain or reside in the US, such as a valid long-term visa or Green Card.
  • Evidence of residence or legal status (applicable to non-U.S. citizens).
    You must present both the original and a photocopy of any valid documents issued by the relevant authorities of the nation where you are presently staying, such as proof of residency, employment, student status, or a valid certificate of visa of stay.
  • A photocopy of any previous Chinese passports or visas (applicable to foreign citizens who were Chinese citizens and have obtained foreign citizenship)
    If you are applying for a Chinese visa for the first time, you must submit a copy of the data page from your prior Chinese passport as well as the original. If you have previously obtained Chinese visas and wish to apply for a Chinese visa using a newly issued foreign passport that does not already have any Chinese visas, you must present a photocopy of the data page of the prior passport, the photo page (if separate), and the previous Chinese visa page. (If your name has changed since your prior passport, you must present an official document attesting to the change.)
  • A photocopy of identification showing the applicant’s name, address, and current place of residence in the United States (such as a driver’s license or large utility bill).
  • Evidence of the COVID-19 vaccine
    A copy of the certificate attesting to the full COVID-19 vaccination,
  • A current passport-style photo
Post Study Opportunities In China For International Students
Post Study Opportunities In China For International Students

Submitting Application

  • In China, one China Visa Application Form is required per person.
    Complete the application online
  • After submitting the form, print off the downloaded PDF file and sign the confirmation page as well as the last page of the application.
  • Only single-sided pages of the application, not back-to-back ones, should be printed and submitted.
  • Be aware that once you submit the form, you won’t be able to change the data. Please carefully review all of the information before submitting.
  • Online submission of the Visa Service Request Form
  • Your contact information and mailing address should be provided together with the service level and type you require.
  • One service request form can be used to enter several applications.

Payment For Delivery, Servicing, and Processing of Visas

Notification of a Work Permit
China’s State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs has issued a notification of work permits. Scan copies in good quality are acceptable. Additional conditions are determined by jurisdiction.
There are some unique regulations that apply to each Chinese consulate, even if the requirements for Chinese visas are generally the same across all of them.

  • The applicant must attest that all the data they have submitted is accurate and true. Any erroneous, deceptive, or incomplete information could result in the visa being denied or in entrance into China being denied.
  • The invitation letter may be sent by fax, photocopy, or printed from a computer. It can be necessary for a candidate to submit an original invitation, offer further proof, or arrange a consular officer interview.
  • Depending on each application, the consular official will decide whether or not to grant a visa and the permitted validity, length of stay, and number of entries.
  • If the duration of each stay on the visa is not specified as 30 days, the holder of a category Z visa must submit an application for a residence permit to the local public security authorities within 30 days of entering China.


In fact, a lot of foreigners, particularly women, find that living in China is far safer than doing so in places like London or New York. Petty crime rates appear to be particularly low, especially for foreigners. All big cities have a significant police and CCTV presence; whether this makes you feel safer or less safe is up to you, but if you have a problem, a local authority is never far away.Before you finish your study, you can in fact study and work in China as long as you don’t miss classes and you are in line with china policy for international students

Many foreigners who live and work in China don’t know Mandarin. This is common in large cities like Beijing and Shanghai, but even there, you can have trouble if you just speak English. Because it is assumed that a foreigner’s professional experience is important enough and they can afford to hire local assistants/translators, it is frequently possible for a foreigner to hold a senior function without speaking Chinese.
If you are seeking an entry-level position, it is undoubtedly worthwhile to master the basics before deciding to work in China.

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