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Study In The United States: The Best Guide For International Students

Study In The United States

Study In The United States: The United state of America is renowned for housing most of the best universities in the world, and they are predicated on delivering standard education for local and international students. The United state of America further enhances quality education by offering scholarships to international students. Studying in the US has its pros and cons,  they provide students with an ideal atmosphere, characterized by flexible educational techniques and a continual development process for students in numerous disciplines of study.

Study In The United States
Study In The United States

Why You Should Study In The United States?

International students opt for higher education in USA because;

  1. The Educational System is Flexible: In the United States, the colleges offer several programs, and students are opportune to choose from a variety of them. A student can select a course synopsis and can pursue different courses before majoring in a course by the end of the second year.
  2. Quality Education: The United States is a country with Ivy league universities and it ranks the best among universities across the globe. United States colleges offer one of the best Education, professors and experts that provides students with adequate skills as well as conducting extensive research.
  3. Advance Technology: It is no news that the U S is very advanced in technology research, which is applied in ghs classrooms. Through technology they make the best resources available to students. Technology makes learning easier, faster, relatable, it creates students with an opportunity to practicalise what they have been taught.
  4. Diverse Communities: Studying in the US enables you to build a community amongst people of different parts of the world. There are several cultures, races, ethnic groups present in the US. Studying in such a country provides you with environmental education and aids your communication skills because of your interaction with people. It also helps you build a strong personality.
  5. A degree from universities in the US is a prestige and it is a key to open many doors of opportunity because of its ranking amongst organisations and in the job market. They have quality infrastructure, help students through extensive research and expertise and have high academic standards.
  6. A student planning to study abroad should be aware of the weather, food, policies, and generally things you need to know about studying and residing in that country.
  7. Students offering graduate programs can also select a preference.

As such, before studying in the United States you should know: 

  • The cost of study; The financial cost of studying in college in the US differs, you should be aware of the cost and that which suits your financial status.
  • College charge an application fee
  • You should submit documents diligently and not just without proper clarification. You can send a message to the college via their website and ensure you fill out the documents properly including spelling of names. Read carefully to check errors before you submit an application
  • The program of study may require you to take additional test
  • A college may require you to write a proficiency test to determine your level of English. You can sign up for the English Proficiency Test in centres in your home country whether TOEFL or IELTS depending
  • You are required to submit an essay, and a letter of recommendation, as well as a transcript, high school certificate to show your education record.
  • US colleges grant financial aid to students, including Foundations, U.S Government or the Government of your home country, Organisations, Companies and Fellowships

Study In The United States: The United States Educational System

The academic calendar in the United States starts from September to and ends in May every year, the academic year is divided into units  known as semesters (16-18 week). Some schools, on the other hand, may use a quarter or trimester system with numerous 10-week terms. It has both strengths and weaknesses, as do any systems. Many university students in the United States remain generalists throughout their four years of study, earning a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree at the conclusion.

Despite the fact that they select a major, the study of this field accounts for only a small portion of their schoolwork, and they are frequently expected to continue their studies in all fields – humanities, sciences, and so on. Universities are the name given to post-secondary institutions in several nations. In the United States, however, the terms college and university are frequently interchanged. Some are even referred to as institutes (e.g., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology). Diverse colleges or schools represent different academic areas of study within larger universities in the United States (e.g., College of Engineering, School of Business).

In the United States, the federal government does not manage any college or university. Unlike some countries where the best colleges or universities may be public or run by the national or state governments.

Undergraduate studies start immediately after secondary school. There are two main options: a two-year associate’s degree and a four-year bachelor’s degree. Generally, associate’s degrees are granted at two-year US community colleges, while bachelor’s degrees are awarded from four-year in colleges and universities.

Master’s degrees in the US take one to two years to complete. Students must finish a thesis (a big, well-documented essay) or a project in the last trimester of most master’s programs before receiving their master’s degree.

Students who have earned a bachelor’s degree are eligible to pursue graduate study. Graduate studies are known as post-graduate studies in many countries and can last up to five years or longer. In the United States, post-graduate studies can refer to work completed after completing a master’s degree program, as well as doctoral studies.

The US Educational System Compared To Other Countries;

  • Provides a career opportunity, the experience gathered by the students aids self development and it helps build the skills required by Employers around the world.
  • Is the best system at the higher education level in the world
  • The US educational system is globally recognised and universities in the U S provides E-learning opportunity for students around the world
  • Institutions in the United States teach subjects in all fields. The colleges offer about a thousand courses in various fields and also have the best resources
  • The Institutions in the United States conduct extensive research in areas of science, technology, Business, Medicine and Health, Engineering and Data science. For example Massachusetts Institute of Technology is ranked the best in the United States for their academic excellence and research proficiency.
Study In The United States - Universities
Study In The United States – Universities

Best Universities In The United States

The United States is ruling the world as the most popular university destination for students from all around the world in recent years. Without doubts, renowned  universities in the United States continue to rank well among the world’s best educational institutions. 

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):

It was founded in 1861, Cambridge Massachusetts. It is one of the world’s leading universities and the best in the United States. It has helped in the development of science and technology in recent times. They offer undergraduate programs in Computer science, Mechanical engineering, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Bioengineering, Aeronautical engineering, Econometrics and quantitative economics, Electrical and Electronics engineering, Biological science and Mathematics.
MIT is particularly known for transforming it’s student research ideas on science and technology into huge Business. A degree from MIT gives you an edge over other applicants in the Job market.

  • The university has been rated the best in the Qs world ratings for seven consecutive years.
  • Getting into MIT requires excellent academic performance, and an exceptional essay.
  • MIT has the world’s best college of Engineering.

2. Harvard University:

It was established in 1636. It is the oldest university in the United States and an Ivy league University. It is rated one of the best universities in the world. Harvard University is committed to inculcating the best in its students. It is devoted to academic excellence in it’s students around the world.
Harvard acceptance rate is about 5%. Harvard grades applicants based on academic capabilities, abilities,  and extracurricular curricular activities.

An international student who is applying to Harvard university must have an SAT score of 1580 or a GPA of at least 4.18 or a 35 ACT.

3. Stanford University:

Stanford is a private research university founded in 1885, Stanford California. It is one of the top higher education institutions in the U S. The college has a school of
Business, Energy, Earth and Environmental Science, Law, Medicine, Science and Humanities, Education and Engineering. The university has produced notable alumni who have established companies, as well as a former president of the United States Herbert Hoover, Billionaires, Congress men and astronauts.

4. Yale University:

It was founded in 1701. It is an Ivy league University located in New Haven, Connecticut.  Yale is ranked one of the best institutions in the United states. It has produced notable alumni like other universities including; U.S supreme court Judges, 5 presidents of the United States, billionaires, Congress members and United states Diplomats.

Yale university also grants financial assistance to their students to reduce the cost of studying. They offer free online courses with certificates in graduate and undergraduate programs to students across the globe.

5. Princeton University:

It was established in 1746, Princeton New Jersey. It is an  ivy league University in the United States. It is one of the oldest in the United states. It is also ranked amongst the best universities in the United states. The university is best known in Social sciences, Computer and Information Science, Public administration, social science professions, physical science, History, Language and Literature. The university has produced prestigious alumni like Jeff Bezos, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States.

Admissions Into Institutions In The United States For International Students

Admission by the college in the United States is based on an applicant eligibility which is determined by the college. If you are concerned about getting accepted for higher education in the U S, ensure you apply to various colleges to increase your chances of getting accepted.

Generally you have to submit an application to a college to be admitted into such College. To apply;

  • Conduct a detailed research of the college.
  • Visit the official college website for informations about the school.
  • Take the required entrance examination.
  • Then apply to your preferred college choice.
  • Submit all required documents.
  • Keep checking your E-mail for any update as regards your application.

Scholarships & Financial Aids In United States Universities

A major aim of the Universities in the US is to achieve global education by giving every person in the world a better education. To make this a reality,  Universities, Government, Organisations, Foundations, Fellowships, Companies grant financial assistance to students. College financial assistance helps students cover the cost of their education including tuition, accommodation and other supplies.

Financial aid comes in different forms. It could be a loan, grant, monetary award, full or partial tuition fee waiver. So many prestigious universities grant a form of financial aid to students. Eg Harvard University, Boston University, Eastern Michigan University, Yale university, etc. An international student who is trying to get into a university in the United States through a scholarship should thoroughly research the kind of scholarship. A student should be exceptional academically and submit several applications to different Universities to increase your chances of getting accepted.

Scholarships in the United States for undergraduates degree programs are competitive. An international student applying for a scholarship is mandated to take the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). Bursaries are also a form of financial aid. It’s a monetary award available for students based on financial need. Academic excellence qualifies a student for bursaries.

Types Of Scholarships Available In The United States

As much as the benefits are attractive, the school fees are exorbitant, and most students can’t afford the prices. However, the government, private organizations and universities provide  scholarships to local and international students. These scholarships are run at different levels of education in the country, while some are fully-funded, there are partially-funded scholarships too.

Merit Based Scholarships: These scholarships are granted based on academic excellence, athletic skills, talents and academic performance. It is granted by the colleges or organisation based on the students grades or entrance exam scores. It also covers academic performance in general and also recreational activities and a student contribution to the community.

Need Based Scholarships: This is granted to students based on their financial need.

Country Based Scholarships: is given to students based on their countries, especially students from developing countries.

Government Funded Scholarships: There are several government Funded Scholarships in the United States available for Citizens, international students and professionals.

Private Funded Scholarships: Some organisations grant scholarships to international students based on certain requirements.


  • Upon meeting the requirements, an eligible applicant can then apply for the scholarship.
  • An applicant should also follow up on scholarship updates via the official college website, social media, and other available platforms.
  • To qualify for a scholarship award you must meet the requirements.
  • The requirements are determined by the type of aid you opt for.
Study In The United States- Admission Requirements, Scholarships, Top Institutions, Visa & Post Study Opportunities
Study In The United States- Admission Requirements, Scholarships, Top Institutions, Visa & Post Study Opportunities

Student Visa Processing In The United States For International Student

A United States visa is granted based on the reason for traveling. If you are going to study in the United States, you will be issued a student visa. If you are studying full time, you will apply for an F-1 student visa. A foreign student who has been accepted to study in the United States temporarily can apply for the student visa at the United States embassy in your home country. When your application is accepted, you select the best study visa to the U.S based on your qualification. Upon completing the application, you go for an immigration interview.

Before your visa interview it is necessary you have the following documents or proof of these requirements;

  1. A valid passport up to six months for the duration of study
  2. Non- Immigrant Visa application Confirmation
  3. Receipt of the application fee
  4. A photograph according to the photograph requirements
  5. Certificate for eligibility for non-immigrant
  6. Transcript and high school certificate
  7. Entrance examination scores
  8. Reason for applying to further your education in the united states
  9. How you intend to pay your educational, living and transport expenses.

A student applying for a visa is best advised to apply in advance, to receive your visa on time. You can only apply for a study visa when you have been accepted by a university in the United States certified by the Student Exchange and Visitor Program (SEVP).

Study In The United States: Post Study Opportunities In The United States

Studying in the United States helps you build your career prospects. A Student with a full time study visa in the United States can work for up to 12 months after completing the program and can apply for an Optional  Practical Training ( OPT) to extend a student visa.

Through an OPT you can get career opportunities and connect with organisations in the united states in your field of study, It is best to apply early, months after you have been enrolled into the university. An application can take up to 90 days for it to be processed. Be sure to understand the OPT requirements before you apply for an extension of your student visa.

There are extraordinary study opportunities all over the United States, and they are available to students everywhere in the world. Although, studying in the US can be quite expensive without a scholarship, students still look forward to grabbing any opportunity that would enable them to study in top universities so as to get the best education possible. Also, it is no secret that US universities provide the best learning environment and facilities for their students. They also provide ample support to international students in order to make the transition to a U.S. university as seamless as possible.

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