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Top Scholarships In Italy For International Students 2020/2023

Top Scholarships In Italy For International Students 2020/2023

For practically every student, studying abroad is a beautiful experience. Due to the high quality of education provided in Italy, it is among the greatest places to study abroad. Italy is a favourite with students for a number of reasons, including its tourist destinations. The country is primarily known for its historical landmarks and several gorgeous landscapes. As a result, if you want to combine education with travel, Italian institutions can be your best option. You get the best education with great facilities and you can also benefit from many of the scholarships in Italy to fund your studies.

Top Scholarships In Italy For International Students 2020/2023
Top Scholarships In Italy For International Students 2020/2023

The living costs you’ll incur as an international student will mostly rely on where you choose to live. This is to say that, tourist areas will cost a little bit more than the other cities. As you may anticipate, private universities will cost much more than their public counterparts. This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for you, though, since there are numerous scholarship programs designed to assist students who lack the financial means to pay for their education. The top scholarships in Italy are listed in this post for the consideration of all international students studying there.

An individual who receives a scholarship is often chosen to receive financial aid for their study. The winner of a scholarship is required to continue attending school and to uphold a particular GPA. The scholarship might be canceled if this condition is not met. Scholarships in Italy not only pay for tuition and associated costs, but also offer recipients beneficial advantages including access to leadership roles and networking.

Benefits Of Studying Abroad In Italy

Italy is a Wonderful Country.
The world’s fourth most visited nation is Italy. There are many attractions there, including well-known landmarks popular throughout the world, works of art, delectable cuisine, interesting people, and pieces of ancient culture. You will love the chance to see the country and learn about other customs from around the world.

You’ll Be Overwhelmed By the Number of Degrees That are Taught in English.
Any field you can think of, from the arts to computer science, has a suitable study program in Italy, many of which are taught in English. Find out which English-taught study programs are the most popular. To earn a degree, you would need to pass about 20 exams, the majority of which are oral tests (eight exams every academic year). In certain specialized disciplines, like engineering or medical, you’ll need to pass 40 or 50 exams.

Many students find oral exams to be more convenient, however shy people may find this type of test to be a little unsettling. But practicing for these kinds of exams is a fantastic way to hone your communication skills.

There Are Many Programs to Select From
The country’s cuisine, landscape, historical monuments, and museums make Italian study abroad programs among of the most well-liked worldwide. There are several options, including fashion, creative writing, and visual arts programs. The best study abroad courses concentrate on a particular field of study, such communications, design, a language, medicine, or architecture.

Humanities and social science courses may be available in a Florence study abroad program. On the other side, a student’s exposure to film and media studies might be enhanced through a study abroad program in Rome.

High Quality Education

Students from all over the world travel to Italy to study and get a new cultural perspective. The Institution of Bologna, the oldest university in the world, is located in Italy, which also has a top-notch educational system. The nation has long served as a centre for higher learning, art, and science. The University of Padova is one of Italy’s most well-known institutions of higher learning for science and engineering.

Its Academic Programs Excel in Many Fields.

When we think of Italy, we associate it with the arts, fashion, design, and culture. With centuries of leadership in art and architecture, Italy can lay claim to several of the most well-known fashion and design names in the world. Numerous prestigious design and fashion institutions, such as the IED, Istituto Europeo di Design, which has campuses in Milan, Cagliari, Como, Florence, Rome, Turin, and Venice, are located in Italy, making it a particularly strong location for these studies. You can find a curriculum covering anything, from luxury goods marketing to accessory design.

Although it has a long history of invention and research, Italy’s high quality higher education system is strong. For instance, University of Bologna students recently contributed to the construction of a satellite that will take pictures of the globe, analyse radiation, and use technology for upcoming space missions. Furthermore, important work and study in the areas of cancer therapy, astronomy, the cell cycle, dolphin conservation, solar cell technology, and more have recently been conducted at Italian universities. Whatever discipline you wish to study, whether it be STEM, earth science, or the environment, Italy is a great place to go.

Italians have historically produced some of the finest intellectuals in history, including Alessandro Volta, Enrico Fermi, Galileo Galilei, and Leonardo da Vinci. You’ll have a great time studying in Italy if you decide to do so!

Its System of Higher Education is Excellent.
In Italy, there are around 100 universities and a wide range of specialized institutes that are part of the higher education system. Thirty universities in all, including 12 in the top 500, were listed in the 2019 QS World University Rankings. Some of Italy’s most prominent colleges have been around for centuries and have spent that time developing the best thinkers and leaders in the world.

Consider the La Sapienza in Rome, which Pope Bonifacio VIII founded in 1303, or the Institution of Bologna, which is the oldest university in the world. Numerous other prestigious Italian universities exist, such as University of Pisa, Politecnico di Milano, Sant’Anna, Scuola Universitaria Superiore Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore, Alma Mater Studiorum, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, University of Trento, University of Bologna, University of Padova, University of Naples, Federico II, University of Milan, and Politecnico di Torino. Not only are these universities the best, they also offer the best scholarships in Italy that you can use to fund your studies.

Scholarships for International Students in Italy

A grant of financial assistance for a student to continue their education at a private elementary or secondary school. It gives students with insufficient financial resources the chance to enrol in one of the numerous internationally renowned universities that are located in Italy. You will get the chance to live there and pursue your degree while learning about Italian culture thanks to these scholarships. Here is a list of some of the scholarships in Italy.

Italian Government Scholarships to Study in Italy

Both international students and Italian nationals living abroad are given scholarships in Italy by the Italian government for their studies. The following programs are eligible for scholarships: PhD programs, Master’s degrees, courses for higher education in the arts, music, and dance (AFAM), research projects conducted under the guidance of academics, and courses in Italian language and culture. The scholarship comprises a monthly stipend in addition to tuition costs and health insurance. Scholarships for three, six, or nine months can only be applied for.

The “Invest your Talent in Italy” program, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, provides students from Azerbaijan, Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Turkey, Tunisia, and Vietnam with the chance to hone their skills and specialize through a variety of Master’s and postgraduate degree courses in English in the fields of Engineering, Advanced Technologies, ArcGIS, and Scholarships will be provided to the top students, funded by key corporate sponsors and partners.

Piemonte Scholarships at EDISU

This is one of the scholarships in Italy for international students. If they meet the competition’s criteria for merit and financial need, students, including non-EU international students, who are enrolled full-time in a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Single Cycle Master’s degree, or PhD degree program at one of the Piedmont universities (i.e., Politecnico di Torino, University of Torino, University of Eastern Piedmont) are eligible to apply for EDISU scholarships. If pursuing a bachelor’s degree, part-time students may aslo apply. The scholarship amount fluctuates based on a number of factors. Students who are not residents may also receive housing services.

Politecnico di Milano Scholarship Program on the Basis of Merit
This scholarship Program provides a variety of awards, including silver, gold, and platinum scholarships. These master’s scholarships are designed for exceptionally talented students. Under the terms of this scholarship, you won’t be required to pay any tuition during the whole program. Also, each year, students chosen for gold and platinum scholarships will also get an additional 5,000 to 10,000 euros. The university teaches engineers, architects, and industrial designers because it is a scientific and technological institution. The University has always placed a strong emphasis on developing ties with commercial partners that are result-driven through the technical transfer of knowledge and great research. hence having a profound impact on society.

International Excellence Scholarships Program at Padua

Being one of the best universities in Italy, the University of Padua has prioritised the expansion of its global presence. As a result of this high priority, the university has established this as one of the scholarships in Italy for international students. 50 scholarships are given to exceptionally qualified students who want to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Due to the fact that all of the courses are taught in English, a large number of qualified international students will apply for this scholarship.

The competition for this scholarship is intense due to the large number of students that apply for it every year. Students with the highest accomplishments and exceptional academic records will be selected for this prize due to its high selectivity. The maximum time frame for this scholarship is roughly three years for bachelor’s degree candidates and about two years for master’s degree candidates. A subsistence payment of €8,000 and a waiver of the tuition fees are included in the scholarship.

Top Scholarships In Italy For International Students 2020/2023
Top Scholarships In Italy For International Students 2020/2023

Study Grants at Bologna University for International Students
Deserving overseas students may register for First Cycle (Bachelors), Second Cycle (Masters), or Single Cycle Degree Programs at the University of Bologna and receive study grants. Each study stipend comes with a full waiver of tuition fees and a total payout of €11,059 for one academic year.

International Scholarship Program at Universita Cattolica
The most esteemed university in the world has knocked on your doors with one of the best scholarships in Italy. Both European and non-European nationals studying in Italy are eligible for this grant. The school has made it simpler for anybody to access the program by offering a discount waiver of 25% on the program’s total fee. After being admitted, you can also pay your tuition in instalments to reserve your spot. The institute is renowned for its top-notch academic programs, stellar reputation, and strong global networking. The institute provides a range of studies in a variety of subjects, including linguistics, psychology, agriculture, the arts, and philosophy. Based on the reality of today’s world, the institute has embraced a number of opportunities.

International Students Are Exempt From Tuition Fees at the University of Pavia
The University of Pavia is awards 150 tuition fee waivers, exempting all foreign students enrolled in specific degree programs every academic year. This is done in an effort to increase the number of international students and promote the development of an ever more global community.

International Scholarships At University Of Pavia
The University of Pavia provides students with domestic and foreign scholarships each year to help them with their financial burdens. Its scholarships program is open to students pursuing a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. To support your professional development and training, they offer an innovative and integrated curriculum. The primary goal of this scholarship program at Pavia University was to improve and forge new relationships with other nations. Thus, it is now a supporter of academic excellence.

Under this scholarship, students may apply to the University of Pavia‘s Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D degree programs in Italy. The University of Pavia provides multiple financed and fully supported scholarship programs, grants, and aids for applicants from all over the world for the academic years 2022–2023.


Studying abroad in Italy will provide you the chance to engage in activities beyond the classroom. Since Italians are known for being friendly people, learning the language will help you quickly make friends with native speakers. It won’t take you long to feel at home in Italy, with its magnificent scenery, innumerable museums and theatres, and vibrant nightlife in even the tiniest Italian cities. So, take advantage of the scholarship programs in Italy and enjoy an amazing study time.

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