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Why You Need To Study In Turkey

Why You Need To Study In Turkey

There are numerous reasons why you need to study in Turkey. Turkey is a reputable and reasonably priced study-abroad location. With its rich modern history, historic structures, diverse culture, and natural marvels, Turkey will make you happy wherever you go.

Turkey has a robust and well-established university system. More than 500,000 international students attend more than 180 universities in Turkey (as of the last academic year). There are more than 20,000 degree programs taught in English at Turkish universities.

There are a number of programs in Turkish universities that are taught in English. In addition to that, you have the opportunity to study Turkish, which is the fifth most common language in use today! In the Turkish classes that your university will make available to you, not only will you have the opportunity to learn a new language, but you will also have the possibility to make friends who come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.

Why You Need To Study In Turkey
Why You Need To Study In Turkey

Ankara, the nation’s capital, is located in Asia, while Istanbul, the country’s most populous city, is in Europe. Turkey is a transcontinental nation. Although Turkish is the nation’s official language, there are many other languages spoken throughout the country, including English, which is also considered to be one of the languages spoken in Turkey. The Turkish lira (abbreviated as TRY) is the official currency of Turkey and can be used everywhere in the country, including in its major cities.

Although Turkey is a predominantly Islamic country, according to Wikipedia, the country’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoan, is working toward creating and enacting measures to increase the influence of Islam in the country. This is despite the fact that Turkey is already a predominantly Islamic country. It is still possible for people of various religious faiths to freely practice their religion or beliefs in this country without facing any kind of interference.

The educational system in Turkey is held to a high quality because the educational standard in Europe is relatively comparable to the educational standard in Turkey. There are approximately 206 universities across the country, with one located in each major city. The educational institutions are either privately owned or run by the government, and they provide living quarters for both their own students and students from other countries. The tuition fees are quite pricey for international students, and they are even more pricey at institutions that are privately owned and operated. Because they are recognized as Turkish citizens, people from Turkey and other countries that were once part of the Ottoman Empire are eligible for a discount on their tuition fees.

There are a few things that you need to make sure you have in order to be eligible to study in Turkey, such as a student visa, enough money to cover your living expenses, and a health insurance plan. There are a number of educational institutions in Turkey that recognize the importance of assisting students who are unable to pay full tuition through the provision of scholarships and grants. It is important to note that while Turkey does not permit its international students to work while they are enrolled in classes, it does allow recent graduates who wish to continue their education in the country to apply for and receive a work permit from their nation’s Ministry of Labor prior to beginning employment there.

10 Reasons And Why You Need To Study In Turkey

Choosing Turkey as a country for your study abroad option is a great deal, compared to studying in the UK, USA or other European countries, Turkey’s living expenses are relatively on the cheap side giving room to students to choose their lifestyle and enjoy their studies. Turkey is known to be very welcoming and accommodating to international students and their higher education system is top-notch. There are different fantastic reasons for you to study in Turkey but in this article, we are going to outline 10 reasons why Turkey is a good study option.

1. Quality Education:

The first reason is that higher institutions in Turkey offer quality education. Although many International Students may not be aware of this fact. With a schooling rate of 94.2%, Turkey is the second-highest ranked nation in the world when it comes to access to higher education.

If you graduate from an institution in Turkey, your degree will be recognized across the board in the European Union. The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is used throughout Europe, and each student receives a Diploma Supplement as part of their education.

In addition to this, Turkey is one of the countries that participates in the exchange programs offered by Erasmus + that has the highest rate of success. In addition to Erasmus, Turkey is home to a plethora of other exchange programs, such as Mevlana and Farabi, which encourage and facilitate the movement of students as well as faculty members.

2. Access To Multicultural Life:

The next reason and why you need to study in Turkey is the experience of different cultures and way of life. Turkey, which has housed many different civilizations with deep roots in its territory for hundreds of years, is almost like a mosaic of all the different cultures that have existed! Everyone is tolerant of one another and shows respect for one another in this nation that has played host to a great number of different civilizations.

Turkey is a country that is home to people from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and ethnic groups, it is an excellent choice as a study abroad location for students from other countries who are looking to broaden their horizons. Because the people of Turkey are warm and inviting to visitors from other countries, you will quickly develop a sense of belonging in this breathtaking nation.

As an international student, you will find out that with the setting in Turkey, you can trace back some of your family history and possibly even locate others who speak your native tongue. This is the perfect place to pursue your education.  Also, as a result of the fact that colleges in Turkey attract students from all over the world, it will not be difficult for you to make new acquaintances who come from different parts of the world while you are away at school in Turkey.

3. Diversity Across Universities and Programs:

Turkey, which has a population of 84 million people, is home to 208 different universities. There are more than 8 million pupils currently enrolled. Turkey is the first country in the European Higher Education Area to have this many students, making it the country with the most students overall. There are more than 45,000 unique courses offered across 208 different universities. Because there are so many options, you will undoubtedly find a college and a program that are a good fit for you.

4. Friendly and Welcoming Environment:

The generosity and friendliness of the Turkish people are renowned throughout the entire world. If you are a student and you ask for assistance, people will respond to your request with all the sincerity and kindness they can muster. Turks will treat you as guests and provide you a variety of delicacies to fulfill your hunger. Make sure that you won’t get homesick for this place!

5. Student Friendly:

Next on why you need to study in Turkey is the environment. The environment is Suitable for students to co-habit peacefully. There is always at least one institution in each of Turkey’s cities, the country is an excellent location for students to further their education.

There are social groups, sports teams, and cultural activities available at each and every university. These activities have the effect of bringing students together and bringing previously different geographies together. When you go to Turkey, you will notice that the areas of the city where students congregate to socialize are the busiest and most dynamic portions of the city. This is because students tend to congregate in areas where there are a lot of other people. Because students congregate in cafés, restaurants, and libraries around the city at all hours of the day and night, the cities are bustling with activity around the clock.

Because Turks extend a warm welcome to visitors from other countries, the educational atmosphere in Turkey is conducive to the success of international students. There is a variety of different places to go socialize and enjoy the surroundings that you can visit. clubs, restaurants, movie theaters, and other student-oriented entertainment and recreation centers. Participating in activities hosted by locals is another excellent suggestion in this regard. Because there are so many exciting things to do in Turkey, you will undoubtedly have a good time while you are there.

6. Low Cost Of Studying and Living:

Turkey’s cost of living is far cheaper than that of other developed nations. All of your requirements, such as hotel, food and drink, and entertainment, can be met at costs that are manageable within your budget. You can live in one of the university’s dorms, a house with a reasonable lease, or an off-campus apartment.

Tuition in Turkey varies greatly from institution to institution and from program to program. Undergraduates studying abroad can expect to pay between $450.00 and $1500.00 annually in tuition fees. This disparity arises from the fact that certain schools receive public funding while others are privately owned and operated, with the latter often charging more.

It costs between $600 and $900 a year to attend graduate school as an international student. There is a discount on tuition for Turkish citizens and scholarship recipients. Most students at a Turkish university will reside in the dorms unless they specifically choose off-campus housing.

Depending on one’s lifestyle choices, an international student may have a cheap or high cost of living. In a typical month, a student would spend anywhere from $400 to $500 on essentials like travel, lodging, food, and technology (such a phone or the internet). Turkey’s off-campus hostels and hotels are independently owned and operated, therefore rates vary greatly depending on criteria including location, room size, and quality of amenities. Turkey is ideally situated between the continents of Asia and Europe, making it a convenient travel destination. Whatever your preferred method of travel, you’ll have no trouble reaching any of Turkey’s great wealth of tourist attractions.

Why You Need To Study In Turkey
Why You Need To Study In Turkey

7. Natural Beauties:

Turkey is renowned all over the world for the stunning natural scenery that it possesses because to its four distinct seasons (winter, summer, spring, and fall), Turkey never stops showing off its varied and beautiful landscape. Turkey is a country rich in natural resources, including mountains, rivers, oceans, and more.

You may go swimming and participate in other water sports in the seas that surround Turkey; you can ski in many towns that are located in the mountains; you can go rafting and participate in other extreme sports; and you can experience a wide variety of other activities. When you visit Turkey, you will have the sensation of being in heaven because the country is filled with innumerable beautiful places that will captivate you with their scenery.

8. Campuses Up-to-Date Technology:

You can choose to attend any one of the 208 universities in the United States, and each and every one of them will provide you with an up-to-date, user-friendly, and technologically advanced campus environment.

9. The Preservation of Our Past and Our Culture:

As a result of its extensive past, Turkey is home to hundreds of historical and cultural sites, the majority of which are preserved because to Turkey’s status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even in your day-to-day existence, you should make it a habit to carefully record any indications of evidence that you commonly find.

10. Health Insurance:

Having health insurance is yet another essential component that contributes to a positive experience while living and studying in Turkey. You are required, just as in the majority of nations that welcome international students, to have a health insurance policy that will cover any and all of your medical needs for the duration of your time spent studying or participating in a program in the country.

The Turkish government is the entity responsible for managing the health insurance policies of Turkish people. In addition, international students are required to pay a fee of around $80, which is equivalent to roughly 72 Turkish Lira, in order to receive a residency permit valid for one year. This indicates that in order to reside in Turkey and attend school there, you, as a student from another country, are required to achieve this.


Because its educational system is similar to that of other European countries, Turkey is a desirable place to study because the certifications given in any Turkish university are accepted in practically all European countries. This makes Turkey a good destination for international students.

Also, because Turkey has all four of the climatic seasons; autumn, winter, spring, and summer, the country is an excellent destination for tourism and education throughout the entire year. Nevertheless, the months of April through May and September through November are Turkey’s fall and spring seasons, respectively, when the country is at its most beautiful. Studying in Turkey is without a doubt an excellent opportunity for students from other countries.

When one is adequately prepared for the experience, studying in a foreign country can feel like a very difficult challenge but it can also be a lot of joy. If you can organize all of your financial paperwork and sources of income, you won’t have any grounds for complaint.

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